It's Easy to Get Started Playing Darts!

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Many bars, community centers, and other hangouts have a dartboard and house darts that anyone is welcome to use. This is a great way to try out the game and meet other people interested! Be sure to check out our Dartboard Map to find local spots.

You can also find high quality, affordable Darts equipment online and in many stores, meaning you can jump in with a dartboard for your own home and get your own darts to bring anywhere you play.

"Darts" encompasses a variety of different games with different rules, but most are simple to understand and to start having fun with right away. You can play by yourself or with any number of people!

Once you have some darts and a board to throw them at, all you need to know are the rules of the games of Darts.

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More Questions about Darts?

Ask a Darts expert any question you might have! Whether it's getting set up, understanding rules, learning about equipment or discussing advanced strategy, the throwers here at Mr. Darts are here to help.

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These days you can get affordable, high quality darts and dartboards shipped right to your door! Below find our recommended places to start.