Who Can Play Darts?

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You may be a little confused about who the games of Darts are made for, and what it takes to become a Darts master.

You may even be thinking to yourself, "Darts is for people who aren't like me."


Guess what??

Anyone Can Throw!

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Most darts weigh around 25 grams, which is about as heavy as 5 U.S. nickels.


Most darts games are played at a standard distance of about 8 feet.


So if you could hold 5 nickels in your hand and toss them at least 8 feet, you can throw a dart at a dartboard! (And dispose of loose change?)

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Dartboards of today's style have been in production for over 100 years, and people of all ages and backgrounds around the world have been throwing darts at targets for as long as there's been gravity.


Everybody knows it's fun to throw!

What are you waiting for? Get started!

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